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Beachside Bonfire 9.5 oz Candle

Beachside Bonfire 9.5 oz Candle


Beachside Bonfire is perfect for creating a cozy, beachy atmosphere. This is the perfect gift for beach lovers.  The balanced scents of sand and sea is balanced with a hint of wood smoke and the subtle aroma of roasted marshmallows. Once lit, your home will be filled with the comforting and inviting scent of a beach bonfire. Relax and enjoy a peaceful evening in the comfort of your own home with this candle. 

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  • Scent Profile:

    Top Notes: Cedar, Amber

    Middle Notes: Smoke, Pine, Brown Sugar, Charred Wood

    Base Notes: Resin, Vanilla, Roasted Marshmallow

  • Room Size & Care Guide

    Our 9.5 ounce jar candles will burn between 30-40 hours. To extend the life of your candle and burn safely, trim wick 1/4" before each time and allow to burn 3-4 hours until full melt pool is established to prevent tunneling. The variables are affected by room size, ceiling height and air flow.

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