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Candle Care Kit

Candle Care Kit


A care kit is essential for every candle lover! This kit, which will also be available in matte black soon, comes with a wick trimmer, wick dipper and flame snuffer. 


How are these tools used? Trimming the wick is one of the most important care tips because it keeps the flame from getting too high, too hot, reduces any soot and extends the life of your candle.  The snuffer is used to, yep, you guessed it, "snuff" out the flame.  This tool keeps hot wax from splattering and does not control the smoke that goes into the air. The wick dipper is used for wicks that sometimes end up in the wax. You "dig" the wick out of the wax after it dries, trim it, and relight.


P.S. The first time you burn a candle it should be left to burn until the melted wax pool has reached the sides of the jar; otherwise, tunneling can occur. Consecutive burns should be no longer than 4 hours and a candle should never, ever be left to burn when the wax pool reaches 1/2-1/4" from the bottom.

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