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Blueberry Waffles 7.5 oz Jar Candle

Blueberry Waffles 9.5 oz

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Indulge in the heavenly scent of blueberry waffles with our premium Blueberry Waffles 9.5 oz jar candle. This delightfully scented candle is not overpowering and boasts of top notes of juicy blueberry with middle notes of a nutty pecan essence, complementing the fluffy waffles. Complete with base notes of maple syrup, vanilla, and butter, our Blueberry Waffles promises to fill your space with a gentle scent of a delicious breakfast. Order yours today!

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  • Scent Profile:

    Top Notes: Lime, Lemon

    Middle Notes: Bubbly, Vanilla

    Base Notes: Sweet Meringue

  • Room Size & Care Guide

    Our 9.5 ounce jar candles will burn between 30-40 hours. To extend the life of your candle and burn safely, trim wick 1/4" before each time and allow to burn 3-4 hours until full melt pool is established to prevent tunneling. The variables are affected by room size, ceiling height and air flow.

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